Pressure Cooker Parts

Pressure cooker parts can be bought directly from the manufacturer’s themselves, from hardware stores or from several websites online. Before purchasing a pressure cooker for yourself, make sure that the brand you are going to buy has spare parts that are readily available or easy to find. Some pressure cooker parts can break while some like the gasket requires constant replacing. Here are the basic pressure cooker parts and where you can find them.

Pressure valves
The modern pressure valves are usually built onto the lid for safety. They are spring loaded and may be in the form of a rising valve stem or a movable dial. They are not your grandmother’s jiggle top anymore; no more noisy hissing, spitting or rattling. The modern pressure cookers have pressure indicators so you will know how to time your cooking accordingly. They are also built onto the lid in such a way that no excess steam will escape before disaster or explosion can happen.

Pressure indicators
Unlike the first generation pressure cookers, the new models that are available nowadays have pressure indicators that let you know that there is pressure build-up inside the cooker already. This is for added security as it states that the coooker is not safe to open. Some models have indicators that can exactly tell what level of pressure is in the cooker while some just indicates that there is build up of pressure already. They can be in the form of colored bands, a dial or a pop up.

Gasket is the rubber seal ring that is place around the lid for securely sealing the cooker. It should be smooth and fit snuggly and should be free of crack or peeling. It should be washed thoroughly after using and rub with oil before storing. This is a part of the pressure cooker that is regularly replaced, one gasket should last for about 150 meals.

Pressure release valves
Most modern day pressure cookers have automatic pressure release valves making it very convenient for the user. This is an extremely useful feature especially for cooking delicate foods such as vegetables which need quick release of pressure to avoid over cooking.

Steam basket
Most pressure cookers being sold today comes with a steam basket which is useful for steaming vegetables, fruits and fish. They are also great for cooking desserts that require steaming such as cheesecakes and custards. The y are designed either with trivet or with elevated feet to keep the unit away from the liquid and has tiny holes for circulating steam.

Depending on the model and brand, some can have more advanced pressure cooker parts for added features and security.

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