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Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Pressure Cooker

Kuhn Rikon is our top choice for the best stove top pressure cooker in the market. Backed up by Swiss engineering and craftsmanship, you can expect high quality standards and exceptional performance from this product. Tagged by New York Times as the Mercedez Benz of pressure cookers, this product is safe, durable and innovative. Over all, we recommend the product to seasoned cooks and even beginners who are not budget conscious at all and who want the best and top of the line product for their kitchen. Here is our complete review of the Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker products.


  • Safety is their main concern

    It has an automatic lid-locking system, meaning it won’t open when pressure builds up inside. It is equipped with not one, not even 2, but 5 pressure built-in release systems to ensure that there will be no excessive build-up of pressure in the cooker. There is also a pressure indicator valve that lets you know when pressure has build up already

  • User-friendly
    There is no guess work needed as there is a valve indicator that states when there is pressure build-up already. It also has an automatic quick release system, just turn the knob for steam to come out;no need to hold it while doing so unlike old pressure cooker models.
  • Durable and Made of High Quality Materials

    The pressure cooker is made from 18/10 stainless steel with solid aluminum core in base so it will heat quickly. The product is also guaranteed to last long and even comes with 10 year warranty. As mentioned above, it is made in Switzerland so it is of high European standards.

  • Quiet, not your grandma’s cooker

    This new model is innovative and designed for the modern day cooking. It cooks quietly, no more hissing or loud whistling in the kitchen so this definitely not your grandma’s pressure cooker.

  • Versatile and outstanding performance

    This pressure cooker is fast, reliable and easy to use. Even beginners will have no problem figuring it out as its very straightforward and user-friendly. It cooks delicious and nutritious food in minutes and delivered as promised

  • Additional bonuses
    There is a stainless steel trivet for steaming and a quick cuisine cookbook included in the package upon purchase.

  • Perfect size for the family
    The Duromatic 5 quart pressure cooker is the perfect size for a family. It is not small nor too big and can definitely cook the prefect meal.
  • Clean-up is a breeze
    The cooker is dish washer safe so it is definitely easy to clean .


  • More expensive than other pressure cooker brands .
  • Steaming basket not included
  • Not suitable for cooking for crowd
Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Top Pressure Cooker 7.4-Quart
List Price: $205.35
Price: $177.42
You Save: $27.93
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Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Pressure Cooker in action

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