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Manttra Pressure Cookers – Reviews and Ratings

manttra pressure cooker reviewManttra pressure cooker is one of the most common brands today when it comes to this type of cookware and it provides its users with a wide range of choices for unit types.Pressure cookers are making a comeback as more and more people realize exactly how useful they are in cooking. The fact is that not only can they make better tasting food but are also capable of slashing off the length of time it normally takes to cook food using ordinary cookware.

Of course, there are currently various types of pressure cookers that provide users with different features of the product. Ideally, individuals should choose to get models that are crafted by quality brands to ensure that they are only getting the best possible.

Manttra pressure cooker models and their feature

Manttra pressure cooker SMART Series

The SMART Series comes in 4, 6 and 8 quarts. One of the great things about this line is that they come with 7 safety measure controls specially designed by Manttra. These includes visual pressure indicator, a gasket release system, locked lid, zero pressure device and many more. The cookware in this series as made from sparkling stainless steel and works well regardless of the kitchen design. A thick base also ensures that the unit would still be used even after years with material specially chosen to distribute even heat. Users are given the choice between two pressure settings for better cooking results.

Manttra Pressure Cooker – Quick and Easy Series

The Quick and Easy series comes in 5, 6 and 8 quart sizes. The line all features five safety measure options which are: zero pressure device, locking device, uni-directional pressure regulator, fusible safety device and gasket release system. Basically, users can release steam from the cookware by just touching one button, ensuring safety throughout cooking. Sleek and stylish, the model comes with a long handle that stays cool even after cooking.

Stainless Steel Pressure Pan Manttra Pressure Cooker High Dome 3 Quarts

Created from durable stainless steel, this Manttra model is crafted to provide excellent cooking possibilities while ensuring a tight grip using the stay-cool handles. Pressure pan makes it possible to cook practically anything – with or without the pan. In fact, individuals can use it for frying just in case they are not in the mood for pressure cooked foods. The model also features various safety measures associated with Manttra pressure cookers for the benefit of its users.

Manttra 8 Quarts 5pc Multi Pressure Cooker Set

For those who want to get a whole line of Manttra pressure cooker comes the 5pc product from the brand. The model practically cuts down microwave oven cooking time in half and provides better cooking results compared to boiling water. Sterilizes food thoroughly, cooks at 22% higher temperature than the boiling water. Its high temperature capacity makes it ideal for tenderizing meat and other tough food materials before eaten. Sleek and stylish, the model looks excellent regardless of the kitchen décor.

Of course, those aren’t the only Manttra pressure cooker models available nowadays. Checking out their site, homeowners will find that the brand has so much more to offer in their pressure cooker line.

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