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Microwave Pressure Cooker

A microwave pressure cooker is similar in concept and functionality with the regular stove top ones except of  course, instead of using heat from the stove, it cooks food through the microwave. It can tenderize and cook meat and vegetables to produce savory and healthier dishes in a shorter period of time.  It is best for small kitchen owners and busy cooks as this requires less babysitting than the conventional ones.  It can also be a great kitchen gadget to have for those who love to travel with their RVs and motorhomes which are mostly equipped with microwaves.

The most popular brand of  this kind of product available in the market is the Nordic Microwave Pressure Cooker.  It is made by Nordic Ware  which is a well-known manufacturer of kitchenware products founded in 1946. They are indeed very trusted in this field as they are a pioneer in microwave cookware being responsible for revolutionizing microwave cooking when they introduced the patented Micro-Go-Round (automated food rotator) in America.

The Nordic Ware Microwave Tender Cooker 2.5 Quart can cook and tenderize up to 3 pounds of meat and has a capacity of 2 1/2 quarts of liquid. It can be best use for cooking small meals and are designed to be simple and easy to use. And just like the stove top cookers, they also come equipped with safety features. The pot has a lid that secures tightly to retain pressure. Located on the lid is a valve that allows excess pressure to escape to avoid explosion. There is also a built-in regulator on the lid to show if pressure is still present inside the cooker.

When using your microwave pressure cooker, make sure you follow the cautionary steps needed in order to avoid exploding the lid and splattering food all over your kitchen. Once your cooking is done, the first thing you have to do is to release the pressure out before opening the lid. There are three different ways to do this. One is to let is sit for a few minutes until the pressure indicator says its safe to open already. It can take 5-10 minutes depending on the dish you cook. This is best for meat dishes which can use the extra heat and pressure to make them even more tenderized and flavorful. Second thing you can do which is the fastest is to put your cooker on the sink, turn on your faucet and let water run through it. This is best for tender dishes like fish and vegetables which require less pressure and time to cook. You will see steam come out of it and its safe once the pressure indicator says so. The third way is to use the pressure release button that are usually on the lid.

Other brands being sold in the market are Micro Master and Micro Magic microwave pressure cooker. It is always best to do your research first and see what other users have to say about the product before deciding on which one to purchase.

This type of cooker is very versatile and flexible in terms of cooking various dishes. You can adopt the recipes for the regular cookers and use it for your microwave pressure cookers. Just use your imagination and creativity and that mouth-watering dishes is not far from reality.

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