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Small Pressure Cooker Reviews – Our Top Three Recommended Brands

Small pressure cooker is the best choice for singles, couples and home chefs of small families who want to utilize the benefits of fast yet tasty and healthy cooking. A small pressure cooker comes in 4 quart sizes enough to feed a family with 3-4 members as it holds just the right amount of food. It is not too big nor heavy so it is especially ideal if you regularly cook only smaller portions of meals.

Just like any other regular pressure cooker, this one cooks almost 70% faster than conventional methods. It can cook practically almost everything, from soups to stews, roasts, vegetables and yes, even dessert.

When it comes to finding the best brand for a small pressure cooker, here are
Our Top Three Picks

Fagor Splendid 4-Quart Pressure Cooker is our no. 1 choice as it is durable, reliable and easy to use. It is loaded with all the safety features to make sure that there will be no incidents of cooker blowing up in the kitchen or dinner spewing all over the ceiling. This is definitely not your grandma’s old day cooker, you can rely on that. It is made of premium, high-quality stainless steel materials and looks very sleek and modern. Moreover, a lot of dealers both offline and online carry this product so you do not have to worry about where to buy extra parts (like gasket and over pressure plug). Priced at $59.95, this is definitely a great value for your money as you are investing on a cooker that can last practically a lifetime.

Presto 4-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker is our second choice, though it can be our number one too for those want to spend lesser money. Priced at $46.95 , this is a few dollars cheaper than Fagor. Presto is a trusted brand in the cookware industry so expect reliability and durability from their product as well. Like Fagor, Presto pressure cooker is loaded with safety features as well to make it user-friendly and convenient to use. Parts and accessories are easily available as well and customer service is great. In terms of artistic appeal though, Fagor looks more sophisticated and stylish. However, if those things do not matter to you and you are after functionality first, then Presto can serve your well.

Kuhn Rikon 3342 5-1/4-Quart Stainless-Steel Pressure Cooker is no. 3 on our list only because it is expensive and a lot costlier than the two brands mentioned above. We believe that it is not practical to spend $179.00 for such a small-sized cooker. However, when it comes to sizes like 6 quart and higher, Kuhn Rikon is definitely our top recommended brand. They are Swiss made so expect superior craftsmanship and engineering from their product. If you are the type who does not look at the price and only wants the best of the best, then Kuhn Rikon small pressure cooker is the appropriate brand for you.

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