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Fagor Pressure Cooker meets and exceeds all the beneficial features and functions that this kind of product is expected to have. They are very simple and easy to use but has style and elegance. If you are looking for the basic pressure cooker that does not have complicated features that only a dedicated user would appreciate, then this is the brand to go for. They are durable and reliable as well being made by a large and prestigious company. Safety features is graded A+ and design wise, its not lagging behind other European brand. Accessories and spare parts are available online. The best part about this brand is affordability ($60-$130) as its cheaper compare to other well-known brands but performs as well. Recommended especially for newbies in the kitchen and average cooks but home chefs and gourmet cooks would enjoy them too.

Product Description

Fagor is a trusted and leading brand in the cookware industry, with its company based in Spain and has the reputation of being the fifth largest appliance manufacturer in Europe. The Fagor brand name has been synonymous with the production of high-quality stainless steel pressure cookers since opening their office in the United States in 1992. So if you are looking for a product renowned for its performance and quality, then the Fagor pressure cooker is a great option for you.

Fagor pressure cooker comes in 5 models – rapida, splendid, elite, duo and futuro. All of these lines are made from premium 18/10 stainless steel with impact bonded diffuser base to distribute heat evenly and use fuel efficiently. Safety is their number one priority as the products come equipped with a triple safety system is which includes a safety locking handle to prevent accidental opening under pressure, two independent over pressure release valves to avoid pressure build up and a dual pressure control valve. Also, every pressure cooker comes with a visual pressure indicator & automatic pressure release system making them extremely easy to use. They can all be used on all types of cooking surfaces – gas, electric, induction and ceramic. Except for the duo line, all models come with spring type mechanism with one pressure setting: High (15psi) .

The Fagor Rapida pressure cooker is the most basic yet most popular of all the models. It has a european-designed belly shape and has all the general features mentioned type. The Fagor Splendid pressure cooker is also constructed from high gauge 18/10 stainless steel with an aluminum encapsulated bottom that guarantees even heat distribution. The Duo Line on the other hand differs from all the others as its the only one with two pressure settings – low and high operated by a dial format.

The Elite line has its edge over the others as its only available in selected retailers but have the same features as well. The Fagor Futuro pressure cooker is the most expensive of all as its uniquely designed with short handles for compact storage thus saving space plus its self-locking making it hassle free. It comes with stainless steel steamer basket/grater and an auto pressure release valve which reduces food particle build up making it an easy clean.

All of these Fagor pressure cookers are ergonomically designed for easy handling yet sleek and contemporary looking. Almost all models are available in various sizes 4qt, 6qt, 8qt, 10qt, with the 10qt size all can be used for pressure cooking & pressure canning. The products come with a limited ten year warranty, pressure cookers’ recipe book and are all dishwasher safe making clean-up a breeze. Depending on what model type and size, price ranges from $60-$130.

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