Magefesa Pressure Cooker

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Magefesa Pressure Cooker has an impressive multi safety features that leaves no room for the user to worry. Definitely reliable and durable as its back-up by a company that is specifically known for years for manufacturing high-quality pressure cookers. It is versatile as it can be used for any cooking surfaces and are available in different sizes to accommodate various household sizes. With its European standards and great emphasis on safety, the high price tag is definitely worth it. Its the sophisticated quality and peace of mind that you paid for.

Product Description

Magefesa is large kitchenware manufacturer based in Spain that specializes in pressure cookers, domestic and professional cookware, and frying and paella pans. It has a commercial presence in the United States since 1990s as the brand is known for producing quality pressure cookers. In 2007, it opened its subsidiary, Magefesa USA Corp. to further service the demands of the ever growing American market.

Magefesa Praktika Plus pressure cooker is made from 18/10 surgical stainless steel. It has 5 safety features – easy lock which automatically locks only if lid is properly aligned and the red pressure sensor which indicates if there is still pressure inside. Third feature is the pressure regulating valve which allows you the freedom to choose how fast you can cook your food by selecting the desired pressure level. It has three cooking levels: the super fast cooking: max 15 psi, fast cooking: max 9 psi and traditional slow cooking: max 6 psi. The fourth one is the safety valve inside the red pressure sensor which operates just in case the pressure valve malfunctions. The fifth feature – lid edge safety window is a window designed at the edge of the lid whose job is to release pressure just in case the all the other system gets clogged or overpressure happens.

Magefesa Praktika Plus comes in different sizes as well – 3.3 quarts, 4 and 6 quart set and 6.3 quarts. Price range from $80-$100.

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