Mirro Pressure Cookers

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Mirro pressure cooker is rather inferior compare to its competitors. While all the others are made of stainless steel, mirror pressure cookers are all aluminum-made. The safety features have the basic stuff and the design is nothing exceptional. Durability and reliability are both in question since a lot of users complain about customer service and defects in the handle. Also, its not as versatile as the other pressure cookers as it can’t be used on a glass top range because of how the bottom is shaped. However, function wise, it serve its purpose and performs what an ordinary pressure cooker is supposed to do. Its also very affordable as the cheapest one can be bought for as low as $25.

Product Description

The Mirro Company has been making quality aluminum products since the early 1900s in Wisconsin USA. When it was at its peak, Mirro was the United States’ largest manufacturer of aluminum cooking utensils, and over time had as many as eight plants in three states, with products ranging from pots and pans to small boats and aluminum siding.  It is presently a part of the Wearever company.

Mirro pressure cooker is made of rust-proof, heavy-gauge aluminum. It has a stay-cool locking handle, pressure monitoring device, and over pressure release valve. Its safety features include the “Triple Safe Design” with a safety release plug, sure-locking lid system and side gasket pressure release.

Mirror pressure cooker comes in various sizes as well – 4qt, 6qt, 8qt and the pressure cooker/canner at size 12qt and 22 qt. However, not all mirro pressure cookers are recommended for glass top/flat range since its manufactured with a concave bottom meaning a large are of the cooker is not in contact with the heat source thereby not allowing enough pressure to build. It comes with a 10 year limited warranty and recipe book.

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