Presto Pressure Cookers

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Presto pressure cookers are very basic, simple and easy to use. No frills, just the essential features that a pressure cooker is expected to have. Having said, safety features and designs are still very competitive. They are durable and reliable as well being made by a US company that has been around for years too. Products can be bought either aluminum or stainless steel made and all parts and accessories can be found online. The very important characteristic of this product is its affordability ($35-$100) making the luxury of owning quality pressure cooker very accessible to those who are on a tight-budget.

Product Description

Presto pressure cookers are manufactured by the National Presto Industries, Inc., a US company that holds a position of leadership in the housewares and portable electric appliance field. They became a pioneer in the industry in 1939 when they introduced the first saucepan-style pressure cooker and gave it the trade name “Presto.” The Presto® brand soon became synonymous with pressure cooking. The American housewives soon became aware of this type of faster cooking wherein they save one third of a time while maintaining the vitamins, nutrients and natural flavors of the food.

Presto pressure cookers come in aluminum or stainless steel materials. The Presto aluminum pressure cookers are made from strong-heavy gauge aluminum for quick and even heating and long life. They have a cover lock indicator that shows at a glance if there is pressure inside the cooker. The Presto stainless steel pressure cookers have an aluminum-clad base for virtually instant, uniform heat. It has its trademark Control Master® heat control which automatically regulates the power to maintain the proper cooking pressure. Its safety feature boasts of a cover locking system that prevents cooker from being opened until pressure is completely reduced.

The Presto pressure cookers come in various sizes. There is a 4 qt for small households, a 6t for medium family and an 8t for large cooking. All of the sizes can be bought either in aluminum or stainless steel. A complete 64-page instruction /recipe book in included and comes with a 12-year limited warranty.

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