Tfal Pressure Cooker

Tfal is actually T-fal USA which belongs to Group SEB Companies. T-fal USA is the US version of the European brand Tefal. T-fal has a huge range of of cookware and cooking appliances and is a trusted brand.  However. ff you are looking for tfal pressure cooker, they don’t have this product but they are in the same company as Mirro, Tefal (Europe only) and WearEver who all have pressure cookers in their line of products. Groupe SEB is a leading manufacturer of small domestic equipment and include 20 well-know brands such as Tefal, Krups, Moulinex.

Check out their line of pressure cooker through these links. You can also check out other leading brands such as Kuhn Rikon, Magefesa, Fagor and WMF as they are all great manufacturers of high-quality pressure cookers.

WearEver ressure Cooker

Mirro Pressure Cookers

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