WearEver Pressure Cooker

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WearEver pressure cooker has large quart sizes (6 and 8 qt) so this is advisable for large households or people who frequently cook for a crowd either for parties or events. This is another no-frills pressure cooker, just have the basic stuff you need and expect to make it work. The design and style is contemporary and the price is very affordable – around $45-$65 depending on the size. However, it has a concave bottom, meaning it might not heat fast for flat stove top, its more advisable to use it in gas range with flames. It also has a 10psi heating capacity instead of the normal 15psi so cooking might take a longer time. WearEver pressure cooker might be affordable but inferior in some features compare to the other brands with the same price. Our research also reveals a lot of users complaining about its performance and customer service.

Product Description

WearEver has been in the business since 1903, known for proving contemporary design and value in cookware industry. They introduced cookware made of then an innovative metal called aluminum. This revolutionized the American kitchen forever because of its resistance to rusting, its weight advantage over cast iron and the fact it would it be seemingly wear-for-ever, thus the name. WearEver. T-fal and Mirro are all part of the Groupe SEB which is a leading manufacturer of small domestic equipment.

Wearever pressure cooker comes in two sizes, 6 quarts and 8 quarts. They are made of polished heavy gauge aluminum or stainless steel and its rust proof and dishwasher safe. It has a pressure monitoring device built into the handle. They have three safety features – a reusable safety release plug, sure-locking lid system and side gasket pressure release. The locking handle prevents from opening under pressure while the safety release plug and side gasket window release pressure when overpressure occurs.

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