WMF Pressure Cooker

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WMF pressure cooker has a very established background, being made by a company that has been around for years so the highest caliber that we are expecting is definitely met. Reliability and durability are definitely there as they are made of sophisticated stainless steel materials and designed by their expert team. Safety features are one-of-a kind with characteristics like flame prevention and heavy-duty rubber sealing ring. They are simple, easy to use and comes in various sizes to fit each individual’s needs. Spare parts and accessories are readily available in their website and customer service is great. The price tag being on a higher scale ($200-$280) is expected but you will definitely get your money’s worth in the long run.

Product Description

WMF has been making state-of-the art and high quality kitchenwares in Germany since 1853. From cutleries, cookwares, tablewares, knifewares to coffee machines, their branded products are known throughout the world for possessing the highest standards when it comes to quality, design and utility.

WMF pressure cooker is made from their exclusive heavyweight Cromargan 18/10 stainless steel polished to a mirror finish. It has an ergonomic plastic handle that stays cool during the cooking process and can be detached for easy cleaning. It has a cooking scale that is easy to read and a graduate scale on the inner wall of the pot to measure liquids. When it comes to safety features, the heavy-duty rubber sealing ring allows rapid and safe pressure buildup which allows any home chef to cook with confidence. Its clear pressure gauge makes adjustment easy and pressure can be released safely and quickly when the food is done. All pot handles have flame prevention as characterized by the TransTherm® universal base. They all have a 3 year warranty and are accompanied by a separate cooking time-table.

WMF pressure cooker comes in different models, sets and sizes. The 2.5 liter Perfect Plus pressure cooker is the smallest which is designed for a 1-2 person household to prepare dishes in small portions within just a few minutes. The next size is the 3 liter which is enough for a small household. The 4.5 liter is the average size, serving as an all-rounder in the kitchen enabling you to quickly prepare side dishes and to cook stews and soups. The bigger ones come in 6.5 and 8.5 liter which are enough to cook large quantities for a crowd. Basically, all these sizes come in either Perfect Plus or Perfect Ultra model. Both have residual pressure safety and flame shield features. The Perfect Plus is the basic one while the Perfect Ultra allows for extra parts like perforated insert and trivet while the other sets have the option of being stackable.

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